Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Plan in 2023!

This year has ushered in a new beginning, and with it comes the promise of many fantastic dental insurance benefits! To ensure that you can enjoy your newly acquired coverage, our El Paso dentist is here to provide you with indispensable guidance. Let’s kick off 2023 on an exciting note by taking full advantage of these wonderful opportunities!

Start 2023 off on the right foot and take full advantage of your refreshed benefits package! Our knowledgeable team will provide you with a thorough dental exam when you schedule an appointment, so contact us today. Together, we’ll make sure to get as much out of your plan as possible before it renews in January—don’t pass up this chance for top-notch care free of charge!

New Year, New Dental Insurance Benefits

Now is the optimal time to remind our patients of all the amazing dental insurance benefits that are accessible in 2023. Some may have had their policy maximums renewed, which means complete coverage! Others might have changed plans entirely. Insurance is such a priceless resource and can drastically reduce out-of-pocket costs for both your teeth and finances this year – so let’s make sure you get the maximum benefit from these policies!

Are you uncertain if preventative dentistry falls under your coverage? Do you need more information about deductibles and the amount of protection included in a policy period? Let Valley Dental Care assist you with addressing these inquiries so that all of your doubts can be erased!

When will my dental insurance coverage reset?

As the start of 2023 approaches, it is imperative to verify your dental insurance plan prior to scheduling an appointment with our expert El Paso dentists. Just dial the customer service number listed on your card and inquire about coverage for this year. Keep in mind that policy dates may have shifted from what was initially established, so make sure you are aware of any variations! Now is the perfect time to get a head start by verifying these essential details early in 2023!

To avoid any unwelcome surprises down the line, it is important to check with your employer about when your insurance coverage began and its renewal date. Generally, renewals take place on January 1st of each year; however, exceptions can be made for long-term contractors. Be sure to confirm these details before potentially missing out on benefits!

What is an annual maximum?

Knowing how to fully maximize your dental insurance benefits is a smart way to plan ahead. Depending on the type of policy you have and when your annual benefit period begins, most providers permit up to a certain amount per year for any necessary dentistry work. Remember that if these funds are not used, they will not carry over—so make sure every penny counts! Now is the perfect time to capitalize on all available resources or risk losing them forever.

How do deductibles work?

Before you can receive the full benefits of your dental insurance, you need to meet a certain level of financial responsibility called a deductible. This is necessary for beginning treatment and allowing yourself to achieve peace of mind. Usually, cleanings or preventative services don’t require payment in full; however, treatments such as restorative and cosmetic dentistry do demand this cost.

To ensure that your oral health stays in optimal condition, it is important to pay regular visits to the dentist. If you follow the six-month rule and have a dental plan that resets on January 1st every year, then you should book two appointments within twelve months: one at the beginning of January and another near December. The following year will require three separate sessions, alternating between both January and December. Keep this cycle in mind so as not to miss out when crossing deductible limits anew!

What is considered preventive dental care?

Don’t let the easiest and most valuable benefits of your dental plan slip by—schedule a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months! Not only is preventive dentistry like x-rays completely covered, but even sealants are often included in your coverage. Seize these remarkable savings today; don’t hesitate—to make that appointment now!

Scheduling a preventive dental visit with us is essential for your well-being. Our talented team will carefully check for any signs of gum disease and immediately inform you if further attention is required. Additionally, our proactive approach can detect potential warning signs before they become expensive treatments due to inadequate hygiene habits, conserving both money and hassle down the line!

Make the most of your refreshed insurance benefits this New Year!

Taking advantage of the additional appointment openings due to recent insurance policy changes is an ideal way for you to get your dental check-up. Act quickly if you have switched plans, so we can update our records right away! This chance for a regular examination should not be ignored; schedule yours today!

This gap between appointments affords you the luxury of scheduling a time that best suits your own timeline, with fewer customers already in the queue. Additionally, it gives you ample opportunity to voice any worries or questions so that you are well-informed and confident about what is happening.

As 2023 begins, make sure you don’t miss out on the remarkable offerings of your dental insurance! January 1 marks a clean slate for your coverage — take advantage and receive all the essential treatments that will benefit both your wallet and oral health. Seize this incredible opportunity to maximize these rewards before they expire. Consult with your dentist now so that you can reap their valuable benefits throughout the rest of the year!

Proactively detect dental issues before they become pricey and unmanageable.

Taking action now to protect your teeth can save you a lot of money in the future. Even if tooth decay has not started hurting yet, it might have already progressed significantly. Going for regular check-ups and cleaning sessions with your dentist will ensure that potential issues are detected early on; this way, more affordable options such as fillings can be used instead of expensive treatments like root canals later!

Ask us anything!

Don’t let your insurance coverage hold you back from achieving the smile of your dreams! Our staff at Pershing Family Dental will be glad to provide all the details and make sure that you understand everything. Existing or potential patients can either contact us directly or simply click on the button below to book an appointment, where we’ll review eligibility for insurance policies in detail. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of our knowledge today by scheduling with Pershing Family Dental now, so that you can have a beautiful smile tomorrow!

Make oral health a priority this year!

Don’t put off your dental health any longer – make 2023 the year you finally prioritize it. With all of the available benefits, there’s no better time to improve your smile and overall well-being. Contact us today at (915) 598-7264 for more details regarding treatment options or schedule an appointment! Don’t wait – start taking control of your oral health now!

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