Time Is Running Out. Use Your Dental Insurance or Lose It!

Many people with dental benefits get them through their employers, though individual plans are also available through Health Insurance Marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act. Remember, when you buy a plan you and your employer are paying some premium – upfront dollars – that are wasted if you don’t see your dentist.

Many insurance companies have dental benefits deadlines of December 31, and this means that any of your unused benefits don’t roll over into the New Year for most dental plans. Still, some plans may end at different times of the year, so check your plan document or ask your employer to be sure. 

You may be eligible for more benefits than you realize. The best source to check for any remaining dental benefits is your insurance policy itself. If you don’t have time for that, our staff at the office is also an excellent resource. In addition to remaining benefits or yearly maximum credit in your policy, you may also have a flexible spending account (FSA) with your employer that has a remaining balance— if they don’t roll over, now is your last chance to use it up.

Most insurance policies don’t start covering treatment until the client has already paid a certain amount of costs up-front. If you still haven’t paid enough out-of-pocket to satisfy your insurance policy’s deductible requirement, now is a great time to schedule those last appointments of the year.

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