Invisalign Provider in El Paso, TX

Welcome to Valley Dental Care’s Invisalign page, your comprehensive guide to achieving a straighter, more confident smile with the world’s most advanced clear aligner system.

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Do you need orthodontics, but have delayed because you feel embarrassed by the noticeable cable and ugly metal brackets? Valley Dental Care offers Invisalign® for patients who are looking for an alternative to the drawbacks of standard braces. Invisalign technology involves transparent braces that are removable and completely comfortable and customized tooth aligners for straightening teeth over time. Not only do we strive to be the best Invisalign provider, but our goal is also to be the most affordable Invisalign provider in El Paso.

Invisalign Provider in El Paso, TX

Valley Dental Care understands how embarrassing traditional metal braces can be, so we strive to ensure that every patient who qualifies and wants to receive Invisalign tooth aligners can straighten their teeth without anyone else knowing. Traditional appliances are not only noticeable, but they are also uncomfortable and limit the types of foods that can be eaten. Many people with various types of oral problems may qualify for Invisalign, such as:

  • Teeth with holes
  • Overfeed Little bitten
  • Openbite
  • Too full teeth
  • Crossbite

While each case is unique, depending on the treatment needed, Invisalign® generally takes approximately one year for adults. For adolescents, the duration of treatment is comparable to that of traditional devices. To get faster results, you should use your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. As you use each set of aligners, your teeth move smoothly and gradually into place. Once you have achieved the beautiful smile you want, we can recommend retainers to make your teeth look good.

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