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Patients who are missing many or all of their teeth often find that the most efficient way to replace those teeth is with dentures. Unlike dentures of the past, the dentures that Valley Dental Care create for you fit great, look natural, and function like your original teeth. We can preserve your natural smile a more confident, better way of life. 

An implant denture is an appliance that replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips. The teeth are made of a combination of composite material and porcelain. Dentures can be fabricated to fit over treated teeth and a complete denture can be attached to dental implants to allow for a more secure fit of the appliance.

A bright, healthy smile can make a world of difference to a person’s appearance — but, unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with perfect teeth. For those who have had problems with their oral health, Valley Dental Care is here. Whether you need a partial denture, a full set, or teeth implants, we have the skills to make your smile as good as new. We also repair dentures, so call today to learn more what we can do for your pearly whites!


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