Daily Cleanings & Teeth Whitening: A Winning Combo in El Paso, TX

Everyone desires a perfect smile with beautiful white teeth, but a series of factors can leave you searching for “dentist near me” in order to brighten your smile. Your teeth naturally become darker over the years and also discolored from certain lifestyle choice we make. Fortunately, one effective way to enhance your smile is to combine your regular preventative dental cleanings with professional in-office teeth whitening the next time you are in our dental office in El Paso, TX.


At Valley Dental Care our dental hygienists are your teeth’s best friend and experts in all things things teeth. At your regularly scheduled check ups, our dental hygienist will examine every tooth, your gums, tongue and cheeks. They will check all sides of your teeth for cavities, signs of gum disease, infections and other possible health problems.

​Our state of the art digital X-rays emit much lower doses of radiation than the traditional X-rays of the past. They also offer a 3 dimensional view of your teeth and jaws to give our dentist that best possible look at your teeth and gums. Digital X-rays are also faster and easier to use, making the whole process more enjoyable than ever.

​Our professional teeth cleanings will eradicate any plaque or tartar build up you may have that leads to tooth decay and periodontal disease.


At Valley Dental Care we use Zoom! in-office Teeth Whitening to brighten your smile. With Zoom! you will get outstanding results up to 8 shades lighter in about an hour. Our team uses stronger whitening gel in combination with a state of the art UV light to break up discoloration on your teeth. Our teeth whitening system if safe and effective.


If you are looking to get your teeth whitened you may have to consider whether a professional teeth cleaning is necessary before teeth whitening. A pre-whitening teeth cleaning allows you to maximize the benefits and yield longer lasting results from teeth whitening.

Teeth cleaning removes all food particles, plaque, and tartar on all side of your teeth, which will give better whitening results. An exam, X-rays and teeth cleaning will also help to establish whether your teeth and gums are at risk for tooth decay, periodontal disease, or cavities.


Whether we like it or not, appearances matter in todays world. Having a great smile can allow you to give a great first impressions, helping you to succeed in both your career and personal life. Our team loves helping our patients achieve a bright new smile and seeing the difference a new smile will bring to the lives of everyone that walks into our El Paso, TX dental office. 


At Valley Dental Care our staff is friendly and professional. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all of our patients through professional and affordable dentistry. Therefore, we want you to feel safe and comfortable in our lower valley office by providing the best information on treatment, procedure, insurance, and financial options available to you.

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