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To replace a tooth, dental implants are the most durable and life-like solution available. They are the only comprehensive solution since they address both the visible missing tooth and the missing tooth root under the gums. The presence of a replacement tooth root not only anchors the new tooth in place, but it also protects against bone loss that occurs when teeth are missing, to help preserve facial structure and overall appearance.


Dental Implants are tiny titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone where there are missing teeth. These metal anchors act as tooth root substitutes. The titanium stimulates bone growth which firmly bonds the implant to the bone. The titanium posts that protrude through the gums provide stable anchors for the crown which replace the tooth above the gum-line.

Dental implants give the appearance of natural teeth while also providing the feel and function of real teeth. Which gives you the confidence to smile, eat, and communicate freely in social environments without the embarrassment of missing teeth.​


The dental implant will require two different surgical procedures. First, the dental implant will be placed into the jawbone. Then a healing period will be required for the dental implant to bond firmly with the bone. While the implant is healing our dentist will have your new teeth formed at a state of the art dental lab. 

After your dental implant has fully healed the dentist will then place a post to the implant that will protrude through the gum. This post will then be capped by the crown which was formed in the lab. Providing you with a new natural looking and feeling tooth.

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